How we roll

Here is a collection of clan specific information about our prefered tanks, behavior in competitive modes etc. If you are a newcomer please read them carefully! Even if you are an oldie you can refresh your memory here.

Topics covered

Preferred tanks

Usage of other tanks requires explicit permission of the field commander in charge. The field commander determines what tanks are played in the battle.

Note: Tanks marked with red border and purple text have priority. If possible those should be aquired first.

Heavies Mediums Lights TD-SPG SPG
Tier 6


(100mm gun)

Cromwell (B) Any T6 light Hellcat M44


(152mm derp gun)

Skoda T25   WZ-131G FT FV304


(152mm derp gun)


Arl 44

(90mm gun)

Tier 8
IS-3(A)/5 T-34-2 Any T8 Light WZ-120-1 FT M40/M43
IS-6(B) T-34-3   WZ-111-1 FT  
Obj. 252U (Defender) AMX CdC   RHM-B WT FV207
T32/34(B) T69   UDES 03 Lorraine 155 mle. 51
110 T25 Pilot


Strv S1  
AMX 50 100 Lorr 40t   Rheinmetall Skorpion G  
Caernarvon T44      
WZ-111 T54 mod.1      
Emil I Centurion 1      
AMX M4 mle. 49 (Liberty) FV4202      
T26E5 (Patriot) Pershing      
VK 100.01 P        
Tier 10
Maus Bat.-Châtillon 25t Sheridan JgdPz E100 Conqueror Gun Carriage
Kranvagn Obj. 140 T-100 LT FV215b 183 T92 HMC
IS-7 TVP T50/51 Rhm. Pzw. Strv 103B Obj. 261
IS-4 T-62A   Obj. 263  
WZ-111 5A Obj. 430   Obj. 268  
113 121   WZ-113G FT  
Pz.Kpfw. VII E50M      
E100 Leopard 1      
T57 M48 Patton      
T110E5 AMX 30B      
AMX 50B Centurion AX      
Super Conqueror STB-1      
Type 5 Heavy        

It is allowed to play SPGs but notify the commander of your decision to do so, starting the battle with too many SPGs decreases the team performance and ruins the fun for the rest. If you switch tanks between battles (especially in skirmishes and advances) notify the commander to keep the setup balanced.

Tanks are choosen according to their characteristics, especially in clan wars as the map is known in advance. We do not destinguish between premium and regular tanks, only whether it is suited for the map/battle. E.g.: an IS-3 is used as much as a Defender.

Tank weak-spots

The website wotguru has very good and detailed discription of many tanks that are hard to crack.

Consumables, ammunition and bonds

Which consumables,ammunition types and bonds you use in random battles, platoons or playing with other clans is free for you to choose.

For all clan activities, a fire extinguisher is a must! Use premium consumables in clan wars! If you can not afford it, at least use a premium fire extinguisher.

Food is not permitted! Exceptions are for TD-SPGs and SPGs only and only when the commander in charge has given explicit permission.

For skirmishes/advances and team battles and team battles premium ammunition is not a must. For these modes carry a balanced amount of normal, premium and HE shells.

For clan wars use premium ammunition only with a fair amount of HE for hull-down tanks. If you can not afford to carry full amount of premium ammunition, take as much as you can. Same applies for SPGs.

Please remember to aim properly when firing premium ammunition.

Bonds are not a requirement as those are hard to earn. When possible, use them in clan wars.

Additional camouflage is recommended for LT and TD-SPG. Emblems and inscriptions are only for the look, we do not pay attention to those.

If you are not sure what to use, ask the commander in charge.

Equipment and crew skills

Because equipment is tank specific, use the WoT forum, a search engine of your choice or ask other clan members what to mount. We have no hard requirements for it. A rule of thumb is ventilation system + gun rammer + vertical stabilizer/ gun laying driving for HT, MT, TD-SPG and SPG. For LT more useful is camouflage net with binoculars.

Same as above applies for crew skills. Recommended is brothers in arms and repair for HT, MT. For LT and TD-SPG camouflage.

Published on  December 4th, 2017