SH times and activity

SH times will be started every day. Times: 19:00 UK // 20:00 GMT+1 If you have any question feel free to contact any of the FC's

Summary server maintenance last weekend

Last weekend the server experienced major downtime due to failed OS modifications. The change of the init system failed. Because it was not possible to reinstall without loss of data it took time to solve it manually. In the end no data was lost. What was succesfull is to upgrade the kernel to newer mainline version. Now the server is ready to run [...] Read more

12/02/2018 Meeting

Summary of the 12-02-2018 meeting. First topic at hand: the opening discussion was about the demotion of some officers and the reasons why. -Herosoldier: He has been demoted from the rank of field commander back to the rank of private. The reason as to why this has happened is as follows, he was found too inactive for his rank and was also found [...] Read more

Officers needed!

USAGI needs new officers for clan. We are in need of 2 new diplomats and atleast 4 more recruitment officers. If you want to volunteer for it please contact any of the executive officers or any of the current officers.

Clan Wars

Clan wars starts today. We will be fighting at same time we do SH. 19:00 UK // 20:00 GMT+1

Season 7 on the Global Map

Season Seven will begin on 9 February at 09:00 CET (UTC+1) on the Global Map and will last until 20 March. For more info check the link below

SH time and small update

SH will be played (or we'll try to play) every day 20:00 GMT+1 // 19:00 UK time. People who refuse to join SH and keep ignoring invites without valid reason will be put in reservists. Reservists don't gain any bonuses from clan.

Wargames on 30.12.

Tomorow on the 30.12. we're playing Wargames starting at 8pm. From 7pm SH will be played.

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Published on  November 16th, 2017